The Projected Trajectory Says It Should — INCOMING!

Hey, sorry, folks, it’s just been one of those months. Everyone has them… when hiding under the bed would seem like it isn’t a bad idea, except that you know that if you did, under bed monsters would pop into existence.

Mostly it isn’t about me, except that it is. My cousin, her husband, Mr. Shoe and I got to hang in the waiting room at Dana Farber… In my case, to learn that I had yet another whatever the hell it is somewhere where I really didn’t think you could get those sorts of deals (and… well, I know at this point to expect the unexpected, and while I don’t expect one of the most likely explanations — I never did — it means one thing for certain: whether it makes sense or not in the grand scheme of things, it’s going to be a literal and figurative pain in my ass.) In my cousin’s husband’s case,  it was to get that second pair of eyes to verify the first doctor’s take on his lymphoma.  During that waiting room hoedown, we got the contact information for my other cousin’s adult son, who just had the “hey, know how you had bleeding gums? It’s leukemia” bomb dropped on him. We all live in Massachusetts. He’s in California. If there isn’t an easy fix for health issues of this magnitude, it sure as hell makes you wish we had teleportation technology just to ease some of the sting.

I am going to see the orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday so he can poke at my ass cheek.  I mean, I don’t what else to say. I kinda have no clue exactly where this little bastard is (the tumor thing, not the surgeon. He’s at the Brigham with several other bastards. Ha!)  or how they would go in for it. I mean, it’s not on the big ass-ass muscle, it’s between the smaller two… and it’s large enough I would say they wouldn’t want to leave it in, and if it looks tumor like as opposed to cyst or fatty like (which apparently it did, since I’m headed to see him) I would guess they’d want more than a needle biopsy. If it wasn’t doing much more than sitting in there and they knew it was just a bunch of cells or fibrotic tissue, I would imagine they’d be able to just give a needle punch… but we don’t know that. And apparently it could be any number of things, very few of which show on other tests (and alas, it is possible it will be histologically different than my thymus, from what I can tell…  Thymuses are great for reflecting an immune/lymphatic system having a chronic attack of neonatal bovines, but generally don’t announce whether they’re Angus or Hereford. They don’t need to, usually.

Anyway, no idea how they’ll be getting at what they’ll be looking at, and they could see just about anything.

I think the location sums up the whole of it pretty damn well, though.

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