Butts… and I can not lie.

This is going to be short, because what I know about me isn’t a whole lot more, and the other stuff which isn’t me directly is just all “awwwww” inspiring in a not terribly awesome way (it can always be worse, of course)…

What I do know, after tests Friday and seeing my Dana Farber guy today is that it must be so incredibly hard to tell a patient with a straight face that they have a tumor in what would be superficially (if it weren’t way down under muscle) the left ass cheek. Told ya the abdominal and pelvic CT would be weird. I didn’t see that one coming. Right up from behind, as it were.

It’s a fairly beefy little bastard too… I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know of too many other left ass cheek nodules to compare it to — it is sitting between I think he said the gluteus minimus and medius.  Could be any number of things, all kind of weird. I don’t really hurt there like they sometimes see (sciatica)…

So, uh… I am going to have an orthopedist I guess poke my ass cheek and then I return to see what we see. We of course need to hold off for a couple reasons starting anything that might suppress inflammation or my immune system till then, and I know he is serious about management and the need for it even more, as the re-check schedule on the brain MRI was changed to twice a year. I think he didn’t expect to see much of anything — and probably not that.

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