The Abdominable Snowman

Okay, maybe it’ll be an abdominal hurricaneman… Tomorrow I get to take the extreme happy fun time voyage to DFCI/Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain (which is a pretty ride, but is really curvy, stop and go, and still fast… so I like to look out the window, and it’s kinda nausea inducing). I first have the honors of a full on skeletal survey (which is straight up x-rays of every bone I have, and possibly I few I don’t…) and then a CT of my abdomen. I know something is going on there, I have no clue what it will look like or even if it will be easily spotted. And don’t ask how I know… I mean, there’s some tell tale signs I guess (and it’s part of the work up anyway). It just hasn’t felt right for a while. It isn’t pain, it’s just like… It’s a case I think might be like when I was being worked up for “shortness of breath.”  I kept saying it didn’t feel like I couldn’t get air in my lungs, it felt like there was something not letting my lungs really move.

Of course, that’s just silly talk. Until they found Don Thymus and removed him. Now I can say I do still have shortness of breath on exertion. It’s in my lungs. But it’s clear to me now my lungs have some breathing room where they didn’t before, and it was a real problem.

After the fun happy test time, I get to wait over the long weekend (at least it won’t be 97F like it’s been) and pop back on up to see the good folks at DFCI on Tuesday. And you know, as much as I would love a clear cut path to get cracking upon, it’d just be awesome to get cracking.

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