What's That Light? Is That a Neuron Sparking?

It’s not an oncoming train, I know, cause I can’t get to the tracks. Actually, all things considered (and the day isn’t over yet), today hasn’t been the horror that I’ve come to know all too well recently. I mean, there was a high level of ambient background suck, and some periods of intense suck, but the ambient suck was longer than usual and the intense suck shorter, and you know… Sucking sucks, but you still learn to adjust or else you just run around sounding like a drooling idiot.

Oh, crud.

We are still trying to work out what the hell is going on that the hospital thinks I’m just dandy, despite what my doctors say… And the insurance company is sort of thinking that the stay would be covered even if we didn’t have to write in the “going off meds” part, as long as my doctors think it’s medically necessary. They do, of course, but the hospital insurance drones (see Dumbass lady, below) either assumed it wasn’t okay from the get-go, or didn’t actually listen and correctly relay the doctor’s intentions to our insurance, hence the confusion we are now knee deep within.

I’ve been having some wicked issues with screens that have certain frequency refresh rates… Mainly computer monitors, and televisions.  They cause some wicked vertigo, which, after being prescribed some uber-Dramamine stuff, I’ve found has probably been part of my ambient background level of suck for quite some time.  It helps, but I have to be quickish on the computer and watching television. Fortunately, I guess, by and large, television sucks. Does get in the way of doing the online deal, though, which is a definite bummer.

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