One Thing Is For Damn Sure

I may feel tired and ill most of the time, but one thing is certain: I will personally kill with my own two hands and eat anyone who tries to take my shiny new Nikon… Okay, new to me… They are rolling out new models this month. If you didn’t know, cameras are kind of that one area of tech where you won’t find older models getting less expensive (especially the DSLRs), nor is there any guarantee the new models will have better/equivalent feature/price sets, so if something works for you, jump at it.  I have this feeling that Nikon will be pushing towards better video on lower end stuff (I don’t want video on my still camera, sorry) and the higher end general consumer stuff will probably be improved a little bit, but the higher end still will cost… higher end. The model I just picked up (D5000) was going out of stock and being as it’s a middle of the road entry level camera, it’s kinda unclear what will happen there, except that it had the higher end model’s specs in many respects and the ones it didn’t… I didn’t care about. It was also a decent enough price difference that it really made a difference.

It’s a learning curve, and I have the stupids much of the time, but I took some action shots in aperture priority mode yesterday (which might not have been the best way, but they still were impressive) and have had pretty decent results for someone who has no clue and a case of the stupids in full manual mode (save for the focus) this morning. I don’t imagine the built in flash is great, and I haven’t used it much. I am going to start learning the manual crap in good natural light.

I am hating changing the lenses though, thanks to my shedding hair and other nastiness, the last thing I want is frickin’ DNA evidence stuck in my camera body after a week. I almost put on the biohazard suit and hold my breath when I need to do so.

The Antisocial Koi

Dragon fly

Ivy, manual

A thrilling subject, I know:

Powerade Bottle

Just cause of the pretty quotient:

Oh hai

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  1. Momshoe says:

    LOVE the new pictures! Just made the ivy my new desktop background. And of course Penny is adorable as all children/grandchildren are :)

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