Update on Updates

For those breathlessly awaiting an update… I had a kernel and libc patch applied to the Ubuntu install on my laptop — usually a kernel update and without fail a libc update would completely FUBAR my laptop and often meant it was easier to reinstall Ubuntu. Eight months ago I suspected it was my hard drive going. Now, I have a new hard drive in the laptop and the update was flawless.

Wait, that wasn’t what you were waiting for?

A gentle reminder to friends, family, Romans, and whatnot: I am alas not the only sick person they see at hospitals, and with what all they think is going on, they’re actually taking pediatric oncologists with a specialization in a disorder that’s… the medical equivalent of a duckbilled platypus… away from little kids with brain tumors or pancreatic tumors or adrenal tumors and you know that means they’re taking it seriously, but you also know that means an instant answer on anything is a sign no one is thinking about it in a real way.

I do know the report from MGH made it to my local neuro Friday. I haven’t a clue what was in it, of course, and I guess there was measurable consternation at the time it hogged on the office fax. Then, maybe I’m wrong, because fax breed consternation as a rule anyway. I will probably know something more about where from here this week.

I hope so, just because… this is not cool. We’ll leave it at that.

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