Oh My God! You Killed Sasquatch! You Bastard!

I couldn’t take it anymore. My hairs, the little stiff prickly pointy ones that shouldn’t have been reaching my ears, eyes, nose and mouth but were, got to me yesterday. I asked Mr. Shoe to get some clippers.

He was mortified by the one inch comb setting maximum. I was two inches from taking the scissors we cut frick and dingleberries out of Norman’s hair with and just chopping it. I mean, last night I was miserable.

Mr. Shoe was sad last night. He got up really early and went to Walgreens and got a clipper set.

He went to work. He didn’t want to see.

Do you know why people don’t cut their own hair? It’s hard if you wear glasses. Also, if you don’t have lots of mirrors… the back is kind of challenging.

I am so glad I did it, though. Holy mother of a bearded clam dragon, it feels better. I mean, ears, eyes and face still totally irritated thanks to… something. I think I know what is vaguely. But I can’t do much about that part – I could stop the hair poking and shedding insanity. It helps.

Makes hat wearing better, too. Hats helped with itchy shedding feeling, but forced hair into ears and face a lot.

And showering is much easier (I’m not tangled in my own hair wreckage).

Truth is, it isn’t the worst haircut I ever had. And I could take breaks during the process. I thought I would be a little upset, or feel somewhat… weird. Once it was away from my ears and eyes I was like, “Woooooooooohoooooo!”

My main aim was to be comfortable and have less clean up (once we removed the initial sasquatch remains). Done. I got a bonus where my face, which is normally not compatible with chin length hair, is now so grossly sick looking that chin length hair makes me look healthier. I am really pleased that it doesn’t look that weird. I mean, all things considered.

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