Quick Update on Cool Tech and Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

First, the cool tech: I am posting from my shiny new (fingerprint covered, new) Motorola DROID phone. It is great with voice recognition, especially if you speak more clearly than I do. The keyboard isn’t what you’d call wonderful, but it has both physical/virtual input, which precious few smartphones have. Still, keeping it short.

I know why bad things happen to good people. I was thinking… (the soul in question – not anyone in my immediate area – that prompted this thought has had a friggin’ nightmare of a year, and is seriously the nicest guy, with a wife and daughters to match…) It isn’t that shitty stuff happens more often to good people, it is just human nature to notice the shittiness more when it happens to people who are genuinely nice.

I mean, shitty stuff happens to bad people at a similar rate. It’s just that those bastards had it coming, therefore bad stuff is converted to poetic justice. And it never seems like justice enough, but I think it’s a matter of scale.

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  1. Caroline says:

    …along those lines, good people expect a certain fairness in life because they are fair. They are kind, honest etc. and expect those they come in contact to be (I know, yeah right). Now, as for the rest of the population they figure life is a crap shoot so they are not at all surprised when they are lied to, screwed and generally end up at the bottom of the heap.I think we should continue to aim high. It is entertaining watching those poor S.O.B.s trying to figure out the game…just some summertime thoughts to bounce around in the heat ;-)

    • shoe says:

      Most definitely important to aim high, but I guess I was thinking more along the lines of random poop that happens that’s truly just… random poop that no one can help. I mean this poor guy had his house (and all therein, including beloved pets) destroyed in a fire… while he and his equally awesome family were at church. Coincidental, and awful bad luck, but I think it stands out more than it would if he’d been some evil meanie who licked and rewrapped Halloween candy before handing it out and had his home destroyed while he was out spitting off an overpass onto car windshields. (I have a spit fixation today it seems?)

      I figured out where to find pending comments on the phone updater, too. Yay! Miss you guys. You could come to our beaches, but it’d be trading oil for medical waste (sigh)

      Love you!

    • shoe says:

      I also have this weird feeling there’s been a shift of power amongst the deities and Betty White now calls all the shots… I guess we’d all manage to adjust. There’s a gleam in that lady’s eye that scares me and… I want one too! :)

      I owe you a real email… promise.

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