Been an interesting few days or so… It had seemed as if the desmopressin was a little erratic. I mean, I always thought it felt that way, but I know it’s more that I’m erratic with the whole antidiuretic hormone vasopressin cycle. It didn’t last long (only about five hours, when it should do 8-12) and if I took a whole one, it was not any more effective (just side effective, ahem) than a half. So I was doing halves when I was just friggin’ sick of peeing every five seconds. I was careful. Thank god.

Evidently, you can still pee a bazillion times an hour in huge quantities and still get yourself all low blood sodium-licious.  I was feeling pretty… nasty, but not like the weird loopy “time’s slowed down” nasty that I had last time out. I actually felt a bit like I imagine the beginning of meningitis or something must feel, or what it must feel like after a lumbar puncture. If I laid on the bed with my spine pretty straight, felt pretty okay. If I propped up a little, or sat upright even leaning on something, or had to get up to pee repeatedly… ugh. Not so much the headache (I have had worse, trust me), but the feeling that I might do a whole Exorcist re-enactment, except instead of spinning, my head would just pop off. And of course, during this process, I was peeing. And peeing. I also felt bony, but noticed my weight had gone up a little Saturday morning, and you know… you couldn’t tell. It was enough that you should have.

Then suddenly the peeing went normal (you all wanted to know, right?) and I thought, “Aw, crap, here we go again.”  In about eight hours, I was feeling loopy-ish, still not like it was… I mean, horrid, but not like it was. I was pretty crap on Saturday, but by Sunday I lost the loopy (now I’m just baseline somewhere in left field) and incidentally, lost eight pounds (in less than 24 hours). I mean, that’s not good news for anyone ever really, not that fast, and I’m wondering where the hell it all was… but I think that might have been the point where the vasopressin stopped being a jerk. And no, I’ve not taken desmopressin since Friday… I probably could, but truthfully, it’s still being better without it than it was with it last week… Erratic. So they’d probably say the diabetes insipidus is transient, because I think there’s certain criteria that SIADHS (Syndrome of Inappropriate Anti-Diuretic Hormone Secretion) needs to meet and… even though the endocrinologist said that had to be going on after the surgery initially, the only thing that I’m sure of is the whole “inappropriate” end of the deal.

Evidently, I am inappropriate. Heh. I don’t know much else… But I will be seeing the actual attending who the local neurologist wanted me to see July 14th. Now hush, please, let me finish. I do not know if we have to do any testing prior to this as follow up to last week’s presentation, or if the clinical conference guys just said, “Let’s just give her to Dr. V, he treats everything… Who’s buying the first round tonight?”  I know that I definitely have to call the local neurologist, because I don’t know if I need to get the CD of my MRI in September back or if they have it at MGH, and I have to let him and the endocrinologist know about this last bit of fun. Technically, I should have gone to the ER, but I didn’t realize what it was till it was pretty much over (I bet it’s still low, but not “holy crap, everyone panic!” low, and sometimes, unaware medical personnel make this stuff worse). So it’ll be anecdotal, I guess, but I kinda think that the endocrinologist knows that sometimes the person in question knows best how they feel here, and nobody wants to mess with her. Seriously, that’s why I like her.

So the local neuro might have more detail. I just spoke to the chick who schedules stuff for the doctor at MGH. I might be getting more news of appointments (via MGH) as time goes on — insurance approvals and departments schedule differently in a place that size, or it might all start here. They might just hold off till then. I know I was discussed (the office lady at MGH said that the clinic resulted, in the very least, at a request for the earliest possible appointment with the attending, which is the July appointment), just not how much I was discussed. I think it’s both kinda good and kinda bad that I can get in with this guy in that short amount of time. I mean, it’s good because obviously I’m not keeling over and it’s not like someone missed that second brain in my skull or something. It’s good and bad, I think, to skip the fellows and go directly to the attending (unless you’re a repeat, and get a new fellow every time. We all know that sucks. Sometimes the youngins have decent ideas, though, and then you can watch the attending squash the curiosity out of their eyes. Sometimes the youngins are stressed out and don’t really think, too. Same with attendings, I guess.) It’s bad because I think that if this guy wants to see you, you are probably… interesting in a clinic where interesting is pretty much par for the course. And really, that’s only cool on the Discovery Health Channel.

And yes, before any one says it,  one of the more likely histiocytosis forms has been on Mystery Diagnosis and House. I’m pretty sure that I’m speaking for the soul on MD as well when I say that it could have just stayed on House and that’d be just fine.

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