Whistle, Whistle

I’m going to give a little ring to the neurologist next week, not because this is taking unexpectedly long (I mean, they’re going through everything, discussing what the local neurologist thinks, what they think in light of it all at MGH, and then suggesting tests and forging plans ahead — I mean, I know they don’t let stuff that’s weird and (seemingly) symptomatic in that part of your brain go unaddressed (once it is spotted… I think the pituitary is overlooked or hard to see sometimes, and many growths and hiccups thereon are either asymptomatic, clearly point to the problem and located more forwardly than mine seems to be). Generally, even though there’s something weird right there on your brain, it isn’t something… Well, let’s put it this way, whatever this is is pretty clearly systemic, if nothing else, and my brain can’t exist without my lungs and my heart and vice versa… And this is a case where being on their radar is good, but having the warning sirens go off on the radar because of your case and intiating a destruct sequence  is bad… And I’m on the radar, but not tripping the wires. I am a little concerned though because I didn’t have to sign my life away for records transfer. I shouldn’t have to, I don’t think,  in this particular circumstance (something about the records and being under the same net hospital system, but… I’ve signed forms for this stuff before). I figure most of the forms for intra-system lookyloos were all just ways to cover any one doctor’s ass from the HIPAA regs, but it’s also probably bright to make sure. That, and I feel like hell. Can I put my finger on how? Not really. Numbness in face is… well, annoying and mostly I feel like I was thrown down a flight of stairs that’s being simultaneously hit by a bus that’s being swallowed by a Tyrannosurus Rex.

I am kinda hoping I do hear more this week. I have no idea what’ll be done here or in town or what. I think once they start getting on with it, they’ll get on with it, too. And that’ll freak me out, but hey… At least I’m not leaking fossil fuel all over.

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