Organizational Structures

I remembered yesterday that last year (January of 2009) we had tried to wiggle me in to Mass General’s neuro people. Now I understand why we ended up saying screw it, we’ll go to another hospital in town (yes, even my sweet GP said it)… It is one really interconnected organizational structure of clinics and subclinics and overlaps and stuff, and the good news now is that we’re damn sure I overlap in many organ systems, the referring neurologist knows a number of neurologists there and is explaining the case so that they can help navigate to the right clinic, and this time out, we have some idea of what it is and isn’t.

So I can rule out that they’ll make an appointment with the multiple sclerosis branch, or the memory loss branch. or the Parkinson’s/movement disorder branch, or the twitchy left pinky when I hold a pen real tight branch of the neurology departments. And yes, it is almost that specific — down to the left pinky level.

I am holding on, anyway. I think it’ll probably take a little time, because I’m getting the picture the idea is to do what can be done here and refer out for analysis… It is usually faster getting stuff done outside of Boston, be it doctor’s appointments or tests. But sometimes, bigger hospitals have the way cool overpowered toys, like 4 tesla MRIs and stuff, and as we know, sometimes you just need that gadget. I mean, you just really really need it. So I might be sent off for tests while everyone is talking, and then actually see them after they’re real familiar with me and I still have no idea who the hell they even are at MGH.

Two things that are consistently said about the local neurologist are that a) he’s got a personality that’s quite likable (I’ve had some sociopaths, no lie) and b) he’s extremely competent. Usually I was told that because some doctor thought my issues seemed purely neurological, but if he couldn’t find it, he’s wicked competent, so what’s my major malfunction? Well, good news is, I have had doctors I trust say it to me as well about this one in particular, and now he’s feeling invested in solving this problem. Like I tend to get with tetchy custom kernel compiling snags…

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