I got the call late Wednesday that I was seeing the dermatologist’s nurse practitioner in about a month and a half, and she’d get me in from there. The doctor was booked till nearly August. This morning I got a call and (surprise!) I was on the cancellation call list, so I was bumped up to see the dermatologist today. Okay.

Here’s what you don’t ask me: “How’s the rash?” Um… This is like asking me how my blood pressure is normally. Let’s put er this way, don’t feel badly if you need to check these things twice or three times during the visit, it changes that much. You probably didn’t do it wrong, and I’m probably not actually that high or low or whatever, but my vascular system likes to blow up and hide at odd times. The red, impressive rashy part has a real strong vascular component. I know this.

I guess this guy is also the pathologist, so, we’ll see what we see. Or don’t see. At least the right side of my face is numb still… maybe it’ll stay that way if/till a biopsy is needed.  Here goes nothin, anyway.

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