Don't Drink the Water

I am going to have to hit Mr. Shoe up for the kick ass photo he took with his cell phone yesterday. Because of the massive water break out from the treatment plant, the area has been under the orders to boil water used for cooking and drinking. Evidently, in Massachusetts, “boil water order” means “we’re past the point of martial law, who the hell runs BarterTown?” Anyway, as Mr. Shoe had to go to the grocery store for stuff that wasn’t water, he got a lovely picture of the water aisle. Lonely, barren, empty, but for a cart pretending to be a tumbleweed.  I wish I felt good enough to go to the grocery store too (which is a pathetic statement, and please feel free to discuss the many reasons why amongst yourselves on your own time). I so would have found a box of Twinkies and stuck it on the shelves.

Double tap, folks. Always double tap.

So I’m sitting here, waiting for a few things… Mainly referrals, but also maybe the chance to pull together some loose ends. Like… Okay, in February — early February, the week prior to my surgery, I ordered a Chumby Guts kit.  Now, you may recall I have the original baked potato Chumby that I picked up a few years back. It’s just dandy. I thought it’d be cool to get its innards, and build one.  So they sell these kits and…

First off, the flex cable connector for the LCD was not my fault. The little LCD cable clamp mechanism on the motherboard was broken (I imagine the door/clamp and connector are assembled by hand, because it seems like a machine would be too likely to break it). I know I didn’t do it because I can’t see how it would have happened without it making a tremendous snap, or my losing an eye.  So I hope the poor hand assembler just didn’t hear the snap, and has both eyes still… Anyway, Chumby nicely sent a new LCD connector cable clamp. Because I suck at soldering, I just took the door off the new one and put it on the already-on-motherboard connector. That took coordination. And I had hyponatremia that week. That was just a whole lot of funny. I did get it together.

Rest of the assembly, really easy. Except it isn’t a good idea to solder right after thoracic surgery where they deflate your lungs and stuff. I think that’s why the solder let go right as soon as I got the completed Chumby Guts into the case I am building. The Chumby kit. however, took about 30-45 minutes (minus my crap soldering job time) once I got the LCD cable clamp in and shoved the cable well and truly up under the mounts. Because… the LCD cable slides a bit too much when you’ve wiggled the “tightness” out of the clamp.  But that was an issue that was kind of beyond my control, and it worked out.

Damned if I can make the case for it. It’s still sitting here, almost done. I will get to it. It is abundantly clear why I’m not an engineer though.

I am half avoiding finishing currently because I keep getting myself superglued into oblivion. And that’s probably not great for my skin or breathing. Mostly, though, it’s gone on so long I’m fairly sure the project will never end…

I also have people I need to get in touch with, but you know…Sometimes these word things are pretty inadequate.

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