Lest I Forget How to Spell… I'll Write

At the moment I really do wish a lot of things were different. I’m okay with that. Well, I’m okay with my wishing that, I’m not okay that it’s that way. I am waiting to hear if any of the labs taken on Monday were off, but I’m not overly expecting they will be (I’m not terribly sure anyone is, again, we’re more on a “baseline” approach to make sure we catch anything breaking or anything broken to try to get what we can working in spite of the fact my hypothalamus has taken up fiddling as a hobby).

Of all the crazy annoying crap, the most annoying at this point is I am always freezingĀ  — which, if you know me, isn’t what I’m like. It’s 74 degrees in the house, I’ve got a sweatshirt on and two pairs of socks, I’m under the blankets and I’m shivering. (Because I am inevitably asked — no, no fever.) Of course, it doesn’t keep me from sweating constantly, but hey. And I get a little worried because but for Penny’s total inability to handle heat and her loud panting and uncharacteristic detachment from my leg when she’s hot, I’d not even realize it’s that warm. It’s not bad now, but in August it’s gonna be a problem if it’s 80 degrees and I’m not feeling it, because even if I’m not feeling it, I probably am. So part of me hopes they find something that explains that tendency to freeze, but I’m not thinking that it’ll be readily apparent.

Anyhoo, I think I need to lie down. Grrr.

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