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2 Updates, 1 Week, With Less Cringing Than Other 2 and 1 Combos

Well, less cringing for you, maybe. One of the things Dr. J was trying to coordinate as we wait for my Boo Radley cells (sometimes I call them Lenny cells… they mean well, the friggin’ morons. They want to kiss … Continue reading

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The View from Where I Stand

A good analogy to describe my health plan right now is that we know I’m going to have to pee really, really badly sometime in the near future, and I’m stuck for the longer than near future inside Penn Station, … Continue reading

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Intentionally Left Blank

It’s not necessarily that there’s nothing to say… I could say a lot of stuff, actually, but probably none is terribly appropriate without hearing the inflection and all that jazz.  Tomorrow I head up to Dana Farber… I originally didn’t … Continue reading

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I’m in Ur Hozzpidal Breakin’ Ur Stuff

Care and compassion aside, I realize that too many trips to certain hospitals in a short period tends to make me feel… well, animosity towards the institution. So Monday I spent what was actually a relatively short amount of time … Continue reading

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In Other News

Mr. Shoe found some off brand conversation hearts at Stop and Shop. We called them Ghetto Hearts, but that’s not quite fair. One of them said “Dewy Eye.” I mean, that’s nearly poetic. Another said “Boy Craz.” And another said, … Continue reading

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You Always Hurt the Ones You Love

Mr. Shoe says it’s empathy, and I say it’s probably weird and I shouldn’t feel that way, because my sweet GP signed on for it and I sure as hell didn’t, but man, I always feel bad when I go … Continue reading

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